Photo Credit: Brendan Bonsack (

 Photo Credit: Brendan Bonsack (

Waffle Irongirl regularly sets out to write poetry in the venerable tradition of Blake and Whitman. But she keeps getting waylaid by strong opinions, her personal cultural context and a genuine fondness for the music of Cold Chisel.  The fact she can’t resist the occasional slam just makes things worse. On-stage, she’s the poetical analogue of a heavy metal karaoke. Off-stage she’s vague and freshly introverted, so really, it isn’t you, it’s me.






Margin Doodles Vol. 1

Margin Doodles (Vol 1) is Waffle Irongirl's first poetry chapbook, is drenched in maple syrup, is buttered in parantheses. Each poem is a cupcake iced in doodles. Open wantonly, let the contents spill all over your coffee table. If you live right, you'll be finding forgotten Easter eggs under your couch for years to come.

Doodles deliciously and delicately drawn by Frangellina Ferndale-Gawain.


Audacious / Issue Four (Digital)

Audacious is the audio-journal of Melbourne Spoken Word, a regular album of spoken word featuring some of the boldest voices in spoken word in Melbourne and sometimes beyond.

Issue Four features:
Steve Smart (2015 MSW Prize winner)
John Englezos (2015 Slamalamadingdong Champ)
Arielle Cottingham (2016 Australian and Victorian Poetry Slam Champion)
Viki Mealings
Will Beale (2016 Victorian Poetry Slam Runner-up)
Robbie Coburn
Sharifa Tartoussi
Tim Evans
Chalise van Wyngaardt
Ela Fornalska
Waffle Irongirl
Danny Hutley
Amy Bodossian
Sam Ferrante