I don't need you to be good

For my people: the poets, the spoken word mavens, the singularly tender-hearted.
Especially Mandy and Ela.

I don’t need you to be good
Or worthy
I don’t need your art
To be beautiful
To be meaningful
To spark revolution
But in your heart
In the shape of your lips
The shine of your face
As you tell me about it
Over biscuits and tea

I don’t need your music
To lift or soar
To soothe anything
But your desire to sing
My soul is already
Savage beyond redemption
Needs nothing more from you
Than the tremble of your fingers
Over the keys
Over the frets
Drumstick in your hand
And the full beam of your smile
Or the full ferocity
Of your grimace

I don’t need for you
To do good
I mean perform your charity
By all means but
I don’t need your good works
To feel your goodness
Gently warm the air
Around me
To feel your worth
Embrace me as I walk
You are good to me when
I think of your off key smile

I don’t need you to be
Sexy or beautiful
Light any sort of fire or flame
Be the siren you desire
Or be a frump
It doesn’t change the shape
Of your fingers in my hand
Or the snap of gingernuts
Between your teeth
And how I remember this
And a lovely brick is added
To my house
This moment you are you

No need to be truthful
Your eyes tell me the truth
Even as you embellish
 I appreciate the stories
And I love even
The facade you gift to me
It’s glitter and lashes
I know who you are underneath
As I know myself
To be imperfect
And want too much to be loved
To ever be true
This too is all I need of you

Just be you
I will be me
Just be you
I can be me
Allow me to know
The gentle rocking
The occasionally dull
And comforting banter
The curve in a smile
The strength of your arm
A gingernut biscuit
An honest frown
Tears falling
Or a diaphragm cry
I will be me
You just be you
Whoever you are
In this moment
You just be you

© 2018 Waffle Irongirl